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Contact Person: MONICA STORY

Veterinarian, animal specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

THE COLONY, Texas, 75056
(469) 384 1247
United States

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Reviews: 1         Views: 414 Rating: 5
The clinic is very clean, the staff is professional. Dr Durham listens to each and all my concerns, answers all my questions that I present. Dr Durham is very knowledgeable, eager to explain other methods to keep my pet Pazzo healthy and safe from diseases that may occur. I've been taking Pazzo to Dr Durham for over 2 yrs and I'm extremely happy with his services and my pets wellbeing. Dr Durham is compassionate, I would not be happy taking my pet to anyone else in The Colony.
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How to feed the seven cats in our household: collect the dishes and try to avoid tripping over the cats as they swarm around your ankles like fish in a Koi pond get chicken from the fridge for Pixel, who can't eat commercial cat food remove Temeraire, our badly behaved kitten, from the counter where you're trying to cut up the chicken remove Temeraire again remove Temeraire again and put him in his "time-out" cat carrier finish cutting up Pixel's chicken (and toss a few pieces in the other cats' dishes because you feel guilty that Pixel gets better food than everyone else) add three different kinds of dry food to dishes, remembering which cat gets which bran [...]
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