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Crazy Acres Farm
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Services we Provide:
Boarding/Kennels, Stables, Training

Address / Location(s):

2542 Wingdale Mountain Road
POUGHQUAG, New York, 12570
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

The Iceman Cometh

Like most folks who adopt a rescue, we don't know what our 9-month old pup experienced before we adopted him. And you can't help but wonder. Dasher settled in with us well. At first, he loved his toys so much that we had to hide them before he'd eat his meals, which leads us to believe he didn't get many toys as a young pup. He eventually understood that his toys remained his when he left them to eat, so he learned to thoroughly enjoy meals despite the presence of toys nearby. Victory! And then came the first warm day of spring, and the need for iced tea--which requires ice. Dasher lay next to me on th [...]
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