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Contact Person: BECKY PETRULAS

Grooming services, pet and animal specialties

Services we Provide:

Address / Location(s):

284 E 300 S
BOUNTIFUL, Utah, 84010-4912
(801) 298 0445
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

The Wrong House

One night, my elderly cat refused to come in the house. It was summertime, and she never roamed far, so I finally gave up and let her stay on the porch. The next morning I awoke early and went to bring in my penitent ball of fluff. I opened the front door and stared in astonishment. A cat was hanging off my screen door. A cat that was not my cat. The little cat was stuck, his too-long claws wedged into the mesh of the screen. He meowed and meowed at me, wiggling his paws and kicking helplessly at t [...]
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