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Contact Person: ANTHONY YATES

Veterinary Services, Specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

ELIZABETHTOWN, Kentucky, 42701
(270) 737 8220
United States

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Reviews: 37         Views: 13773 Rating: 5
This clinic is top notch. Our pets are our family and this clinic really took care of us with our beagle. The care and compassion has been unmatched before. Also, they didn't take us to the cleaners with the bill. I cannot stress how wonderful I personally think this place is.
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Just a note that E-town Animal Hospital is NOW located at 831 RING ROAD. This address is old, and the building has been torn down.
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I cannot recommend this team enough! They are awesome, prices are reasonable. We have had them take care of our dogs health and grooming for a few years. You will be very impressed and completely satified with the staff and doctors. Great Team! They care about our pets!!
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WE LOVE ELIZABETHTOWN ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!! All three of our four legged babies go there. We couldn't ask for better service from the front desk clerks all the way to checkout. Thank you for all you do!
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I had too many awful vet experiences in the Radcliff/E-town area and started driving an hour each way anytime my pets needed medical care. A friend recommended EAH about a year ago and I have been completely satisfied with the care my pets have received, both for regular vet visits and for injuries/sickness. Most recently I took my cat of 12 years there because he just "wasn't right". They couldn't find anything wrong with him but listened to me when I said he wasn't himself and ran the whole gammet of blood work. The blood work showed the problem and he was easily treated with antibiotics. I've had several vets at other establishments that wouldn't have listened to me and I would have went home with a sick pet until it was too late. As long as they are around, they have me and my 8 pets as a customer!
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I love Elizabethtown Animal Hospital. My dog is getting older, and has some health issues. The doctors have been tremendous in explaining what is going on, and providing options for care. Their office is very busy, but each doctor I have met with has taken the time to make sure I understand what is going on. In particular, Dr. Jeremy Yates has been excellent.
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I lost my beloved dog Dodger today and while my heart is broken I wanted to say something regarding Dr. Chad Bailey and Dr. Jeremy Yates. I have never had contact with the other vets so I can't speak to them. I just know that today is Sunday, yet when I left my frantic message Dr Yates called me back and met me at the clinic to confirm that my baby had indeed passed on. He showed genuine compassion for the hurt I feel and allowed me a moment with Dodger to say goodbye. I have been to people doctors that could learn a lesson from Dr Yates and Dr Bailey. Dr Bailey treated Dodger as well as my other dog Max and he always was very caring and kind even through all my tears. I have the greatest respect for both of these doctors and feel blessed that they were there for my babies.
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I recomment EAH to everybody I know. Excellent Doctors and Staff. I have never had a problem with EAH, ever. Hands Down this is the best animal hospital around. I will not take my family pets to anyone else ever!
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Dr's Bailey, Yates, Nall & Thomas are the best around! We have 10 dogs, 4 horses & 3 cats and couldn't ask for a better group of doctors to care for them. I had a 12 year long loyal relationship with another vet in the area until one night I had an emergency. The on-call doctor I was referred to was Dr. Nall @ EAH. Well, we took our baby to EAH late that night and have never looked back. We've been with them for about 7 years now and have never had a single complaint. They don't cater to the human's waiting room or send "pet birthday cards" like the other vet, but they cater to your animal and that means more to any pet lover. Visits are NEVER rushed and for your livestock they will come to you! That means a lot when you have a horse with colic or need vaccines on a blistery cold afternoon. I also agree with the other patron who commented on euthanasia, I've had to do it twice and they were wonderful and caring. I would and do recommend them to everyone with a pet they cherish.
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Elizabethtown Animal Hospital is the best animal hospital hands down. They care about the animals, their prices are very reasonable, and I simply refuse to go to anywhere else. They're good people.
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The staff at E-town Animal Hospital are wonderful, caring, competent and have taken excellent care of our family pets(a total of 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rats) over the years. The have saved our German Shepherd's life twice--after nearly impaling herself on our picket fence and tearing about 18-20 inches of her hide(OUCH), and most recently, after she had a very serious reaction to over-the-counter flea and tick meds, and "natural flea spray". We thank them all, from the receptionists who take our panicked phone calls, to the entire staff of caring doctors and assistants.
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elizabetown animal hospital is a great place to take your animals.
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I wasn't looking for a "stylish" or "chic" animal clinic when it came to caring for my pets. What I found at EAH was a matter-of-fact albeit caring staff who have always given my pets the best care. How many vets out there would give you as much private, uninterrupted time with a beloved pet that must be euthanized such as they gave me? And they don't continually try to "sell" me a service (read: teeth cleaning) that the last vet I used in the area did. Not saying that it isn't vital to an animal's health, but don't try to sell me something every time I go in with my pet. Take care of my pet and not your bottom line. That is what they do at EAH, and I love them!
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We have used EAH for our pets for years. In 2004 three of my Pekingese had got in to something that had poisoned them. Dr. Yates opened the clinic in the middle of the night to see them. He also stayed all night with them. If it wasn't for him my babies would have died! We love him and wouldn't take our dogs anywhere else!
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Outstanding! They Dr. Yates and Dr. Nall are the most caring veterinarians I have ever met. I used to come to E-town Animal Hospital when Dr. Gore was there. They always treat me like family.
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Been using E-Town aninal Hospitol since the early 1980's. this is the best animal treatment facility in the state.
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I have been going to E-town animal for several years now and will go no where else. They are kind and caring. I have had puppies, adult dogs, cats, horses, and even a dog put to sleep with this clinic. Dr. Nall was the doc that put my baby to sleep and he was very compassionate. There is no other clinic that I will ever go to.
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I have 2 Rat Terriers who are like family, and they have only been to E'town Animal Hospital. The prices are wonderful and although it may not be as "posh" as some Vet offices, it's more than adequate for me and my animals. They are wonderfully cared for, healthy and happy!
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Rating: Excellent!! My father has lived in Elizabethtown for several years. After my mother passed away, my sister got my dad a kitten for company. To make a long story short, the cat became ill after four years and he took the cat to Dr. Thomas. Dr. Thomas determined that the cat had cancer and unfortunately, had to put the cat to sleep. As this decision was being made, Dr. Thomas located a replacement Kitten for my father,which helped reduce the loss of a companion. Dr. Thomas is the most compassion Professional Veterinary that I have ever experienced. Great Job Dr. Thomas
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Me and my mother have taken our pets to EAH for years. We are affectionately known as the "zoo" family, as we've always had quite a few animals in our posession including cats, dogs, and horses that are seen by them on a regular basis. The only complaint I have is that our pregnant pony we took there that had foundered was left unattended one night and died without anyone there to save the baby. That was years ago, and according to Dr. Thomas, it was an incompetent and new on-call vet tech that apparently left for a midnight snack. Anyway, we have had to put down three dogs in the last seven years...Gabby, Annie, and Blaize. Annie and Blaize, both geriatric girls suffering from cancer, were euthanized at no charge. Gabby, who was also suffering from cancer, was euthanized at home in the comfort of my mother's arms. Dr. Nall came to the house in the middle of the night to put her out of her suffering--although it was a house call, there was no charge either. They are very kind vets.
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With regards to the very poor reviews of EAH I would like to take a few moments and properly comment. While you cannot please everyone, I would like to note first that the poor reviews I have read here have a single thing in common pet deaths. Anger is a natural part of grieving, of course no one is going to be happy after the death of a beloved pet. As a response to the comment made on 5.28.2009, euthanizing an animal is quick and takes place within seconds without suffering. Apparently the comment was from a person not knowledgeable on the process. EAH is a facility I would recommend to everyone, as a pet rescuer I am at the facility 30-40 times a year and never once have I encountered a problem I would frown upon.
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Our animals are part of our family so professional care for them is most important. As an animal lover & rescuer I highly recommend EAH & would trust no one else with the care of my animals. Myself, I own a number of animals from dogs to horses; all of my animals have received both appropriate and professional care at the facility. My dogs are in the care of Dr. Bailey and larger animals are cared for by home visits from Dr. Thomas. EAH prices are kept reasonably low and cannot be argued with. Recently, a medical problem led to a beloved pet to be put to sleep and the compassion at this time of loss was outstanding. Dr. Bailey was very saddened, tears in his eyes as he grieved with my family as well and went out of his way to ensure we had proper time to say our goodbyes. The amount of satisfied pet owners can visually be seen at every visit, the facility is always packed with prompt care and service. Again, I highly recommend EAH to everyone and have no dissatisfaction here.
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I had a pekapoo that was 13 years old and I had to put him to sleep. The vet EAH was great. They told me what was going to happen and gave me a towel to put around him. The vet was so sweet, he gave my dog the shot then told me my dog was gone and I was a mess and he gave me a hug and did not even charge me. A couple of weeks later my husband had to take our other little dog in and they asked how I was doing and to tell me they said "Hi" Great guys.
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We have taken our dogs to the EAH for 10 years and have gotten excellent service and care every time. I recommend this vet to all of my friends and my family also takes their pets to EAH and they love them. We have a little Yorkshire Terrier she has had two litter of puppies and they were all taken to the vet and was given great care and attention along with the mother. They have always given us great care and service and I will be a loyal customer.
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Our champion cockers have been seeing these vets for over 8 years. Never have I had a bad experience. It seems at one time or another we have seen every vet there. From newborn pups to our older guy, the treatment has always been professional and kind. Right on the money when our bitch had trouble in delivery. They saved her life and all the pups.
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I have used EAH for years. I have had issues with only one of the vets. I do not like the way he handles smaller animals, so I simply request not to see him. I have 3 horses, 9 dogs, 5 cats and a donkey. All are quite healthy thanks to Dr. Bailey. I will not go to any other veterinarian in the area.
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I know 10 people who take their animals here, including myself. No one has had any problems from them. They are cheaper than a lot of other vets in town and I will continue to come here.
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We took our aged cat to this vet and got great caring service. Later took the same cat, our favorite pet for 15 years, to be put down and the vet was absolutely wonderful and compasionate at a tearful time. Great guys!! (I observed them coming out to the parking lot to treat a large dog - really nice - most vets would never leave their air conditioned offices.)
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This is an amazing clinic. Dr. Mike is the most compassionate man. He really cares about animals and he understands that they are your family not just something you own. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats already in his care and I just acquired a puppy from his office on my last trip that had been abusede & abandoned so now I will be adding a 3rd dog to his care. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.
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Took our very sick puppy to the clinis, we wer new to the area and I had just picked them for convenience sake (close to Rineyville) they did a great job with out pup and she turned around quickly. Have been back for her shots ans although they are not a "mush" feel good kind of pet doc, I believe they know what they are doing and I will continue using their services.
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Hard to rate this office one way or the other. I have had EXCELLENT experiences and HORRIBLE experiences. I raise horses and Dr. Thomas and Bailey were my vets (and great at it, too) for years. One day I had a serious emergency with a horse who was almost bleeding to death and could not stand due to a leg injury. I called for an emergency farm visit and was told that they weren't making farm calls as far away as I was anymore! No notice at all...I had to find another vet immediately! Another time I had to have a horse put down and the vet who came out was mad because he had to come out on a Sunday. He told me to SIT ON HER HEAD!!! because she would convulse when he gave her the shot. No compassion...just a jerk. He could have done something different, but would not be bothered. The majority of the time (when dealing with Thomas and Bailey) I have been pleased, but am afraid to enlist the services of at least one of the other vets there...he just doesn't care about animals.
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Jefferson Trauma Center-they were shocked when I did not have any blood test results,urine study results,nor x-ray results from Elizabethtown Animal Hospital! Within the hour blood tests were performed and a ultrasound revealed a baseball bat pus filled infection in my little girls belly!She was rushed into surgery with only minutes left to save her life-it was touch and go and they almost lost her on the table twice!After several days and several thosand dollars she is home now-still very sick I am force feeding her and she is on many powerful medications,however slowly she is coming back to me!We wasted 3 days while the almost always fatal infection raged on without appropriate treatment.Please I employ you to make sure you are trusting good and caring vets-it may save your companions life!
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I agree with the clients who are certain of the fact Elizabethtown Animal Hospital is not a competent nor caring facility! I recently took my very sick dog to this animal hospital-altho the vets appropriately dianosed my baby's problem the treatment was totally and almost fatally incorrect! Antibiotics were ordered for a condition I now know you never treat in this fashion-in actuality my puppy should have went straight to surgery! In addition as my companion lie slowly dying of a massive internal infection-the on call service was called Friday night,Saturday night,Sunday night and Monday morning. I truly believe because this was a long holiday weekend I was per say "BLOWN OFF",had the vet told me Friday we needed surgery immediately to save my precious friend's life-however they could not or would not perform that service-I WOULD HAVE GLADLY WENT ELSEWHERE THAT NIGHT! In the early morning hours of Monday Memorial day Holiday I PRAYED and drove the hours drive to .......
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I took my dog to be put to sleep due to suffering from cancer. She had a huge nerve sheath tumor growing on her chest. My regular veterinarian is in Louisville and we needed to take her somewhere close by. Dr. Thomas, a vet in this clinic, euthanized my dog. He did not even talk to me, offer words of kindness, or even ask why I was putting her down. Within minutes of walking in the office he shaved her paw, put the tourniquet on and injected her with the lethal medication. My dog was still standing up upon injecting her with the mediction and she flopped over dead right in front of me seconds after the medication went in! I was devastated and traumatized by how she was treated. His calous attitude towards the entire situation when I told him how heartless he was was unbelievable. He gave me no warning as to what to expect, never told me to even lay her down on the cold metal bed in the back dirty supply room they had us in. He had no thoughts that my dog was my family member for the last 11 years and treated her like a piece of garbage. ***** STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR ANIMAL!!!!
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Took our much loved pet to be euthanized, with dignity. After we left they beheaded our pet to check for rabies, although this dog had had it's shots since it was a pup and had been an inside dog. We found out when the health Dept. called to inquire if "we belonged to the head they just received". This is a low class, unprofessional organization.
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Took our dog to EAH for teeth cleaning. Received a call later that afternoon informing us that she had died while under their care. Dr. Bailey could give no explanation for our dogs death. I do not recommend Elizabethtown Animal Hospital as a care provider.
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Took our dog to EAH for teeth cleaning. Received a call later that afternoon informing us that she had died while under their care. Dr. Bailey could give no explanation for our dogs death. I do not recommend Elizabethtown Animal Hospital as a care provider.
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