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Contact Person: ERVIN I PETERSON

Training services, horses (except racing horses)

Services we Provide:

Address / Location(s):

20249 140TH ST
BLOOMER, Wisconsin, 54724-1771
(715) 568 5308
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

That Bird

Our Boston terrier's was not a solo pet. We also had a parakeet. The dog hated the bird. The bird thought the dog was almost as entertaining as a mirror, and the mirror was very entertaining. Most days the parakeet would get in some flying time. Zipping around the family room with its hanging plants and high ledges. If the dog entered the room, the bird would dive-bomb her, swooping repeatedly just over her head. The dog would race back and forth in a fruitless effort to catch the bird. Then the bird would fly to its cage. T [...]
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