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Contact Person: Annie Hall

This company has not put in a description of their services. If this is you, please update your listing by adding a description of your services and products.

Services we Provide:
Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters

Address / Location(s):

19939 Yarrowsburg Road
Knoxville, Maryland, 21758
(301) 432 5428
United States

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Apartment Living

When my husband and I moved overseas for a few years, there was no doubt in our minds that our dog was coming with us. Chessie was a seven-year old boxer, fit, smart, and fairly well-behaved. The biggest problem we anticipated was getting her used to apartment living instead of having her own house and yard. The apartment building had small balconies that stairstepped up, each layer offset so that everyone got sunshine. Chessie loved sunshine, so this became her favorite place. I'd prop the door open and she'd lay in the sun, half-asleep and utterly content. After a month, we got a new [...]
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