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Contact Person: Richard Planzo

RichardPlanzo, D.C. A.C.A is a chiropractor who adjusts horses (equine)and dogs (K-9). He obtained his D.C. from Logan Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO and went on to obtain an advanced degree from Options from Animals in Hillsdale, IL. He is based in St. Louis MO, he will travel(making farm calls)upto 2 hours from his home base (St. Louis, MO and parts of IL). His passion is horses (equine). He has works on all breeds and displines of horses. If you would like to know more about his serives please e-mail: kpanimalchiro@yahoo.com or call 314-378-3854.

Services we Provide:

Address / Location(s):

3730 Rock CreekValley
HIGH RIDGE, Missouri, 63049
United States

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Reviews: 1         Views: 1114 Rating: 5
Rich is very thorough and caring with horse chiropractic services. He will take time and explain what and why he is adjusting. His wife Kelly, also very caring for horses comes along with him and assists him. They have helped quite a few of my horses from something that only needed one adjustment to more advanced and repeated treatments. I put 100% trust in the two of them. Highly recommended!
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