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Contact Person: MICHAEL WING

Veterinary Services, Specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

SKOWHEGAN, Maine, 04976
(207) 474 2938
United States

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Reviews: 4         Views: 2262 Rating: 3
I've used Dr M. Wing as a Vet for my, Dogs Cats, And as an ACO officer for 30 years and find his to be very compassionate, professional and outstanding his his field of Veterinary care to all animals I have ever brought forward to his care. Thank You Dr Wing for many years of great service for the animals and personal pets I have brought to you and for the others I have had sent to you for emergency care. Always available in a pinch!
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I have had Dr Wing as my Vet for my pets for Many, Many, years. Love him. He is very caring and great with my animals.
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Dr. Wing killed my best friend with poor judgment and very poor care. If anyone wants to check this guy out go to the DEPARTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL AND FINANCIAL REGULATION OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL AND OCCUPATIONAL REGULATION BOARD OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, Link is provided; ( https://www.pfr.maine.gov/ALMSOnline/ALMSQuery/ShowDetail.aspx?TOKEN=F45A76FED55A72E9993201722A1742509908008191367809 ) He has 3 discipline actions against him. This is a bad vet!
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Dr. Wing prescribed Proin for my 11-yr old dog's incontinence on the same day that he advised me to put her on a protein-restricted diet for chronic kidney failure. He didn't tell me that it could destroy what remained her already compromised kidney function, or that it could harm her heart. He also didn't recommend a recheck of her blood tests. After she collapsed and we discovered her kidneys were shutting down and she was in congestive heart failure, I researched the drug. The FDA warning clearly tells vets of these dangers. Thanks to Dr. Wing's lack of care or concern, I killed my beautiful, sweet girl. I have to take the blame -- she trusted me to watch out for her and I failed her miserably. If I had only been told about the risks, I would have gladly wiped up a 100,000 pee puddles rather than shorten her life. When I told him I believed the Proin was to blame, he disagreed, stating that it wasn't the cause. Shame on you Michael Wing. Shame.
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