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Contact Person: JAN ERICKSON

Animal hospital services, pets and other animal specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

CHATSWORTH, California, 91311
(818) 882 6111
United States

Website: http://www.aladdinshutters.com

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Reviews: 6         Views: 1471 Rating: 5
My dog and I have been seeing Dr. Popescu for three years. Because she is so compassionate, knowledgeable, and up to date on the latest diagnostics and treatments, we've followed her to Nordhoff Animal Hospital. It's a pretty long drive for us, but we are constantly reminded of how much it's worth the drive to see a vet who we trust so much. On top of everything else, Dr. P charges very reasonable fees for her top-quality services.
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after years and years of searching for a good vet that i was comfortable taking my precious animals to, who didn't gouge me for money every time i came in, i was very happy to discover dr. erikson. unfortunately, he up and retired a couple of months ago to my dismay! however, after reluctantly taking my cat in today to the new vet who took over his business (dr. popescu), i was pleasantly surprised. she was awesome! very caring, knowledgeable, and took her time... and the best part was that in the end she didn't try to gouge me, like so many other vets in the past... i highly recommend dr. popescu. give her a try!
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I first took my doberman to Dr. Erickson 30 years ago and have never taken any of my pets any where else. Dr. Erickson is compassionate and caring. He really loves animals and treats them with dignity and respect. i hope he lives forever, as I dread taking my pet anywhere else. I recommend him with the highest regard.
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Dr. Erickson is the best vet we've ever known. I can't say enough about his kindness towards animals. He saved our cat years ago. And; had we not moved so far; we would still be visiting his office. In face; because I'm so disappointed in our vet in Newbury Park; I think I'll drive my pets to him. He's absolutely the greatest! I can't recommend him highly enough.
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Our family has been going to Dr. Erickson for over 40 years. Dr.Erickson has treated every pet our family has ever had. Dr. Erickson orders tests and lab workups that the pet really needs. He is not money hungry and treats each pet as if it were his own. Dr. Erickson, is in a league of his own-honesty, compassion, a genuine veternarian who truly loves the practice of being the best veternarian that he can be.
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Dr. Erickson has been treating pets for many years. He has a calm demeanor, knowledge from experience, and skill. I have worked for 5 separate veterinary clinics (not Dr. Erickson) and what keeps me returning to him is that I know he never suggests tests or treatments just to get a higher bill out of me. There is experience and logic behind his decisions and even though I live a far distance from his clinic, I still make the trek to bring all SIX of my pets to see him.
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