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Contact Person: EDNA REIN

Grooming services, pet and animal specialties

Services we Provide:

Address / Location(s):

SANTA CLARITA, California, 91350-3745
(661) 296 2020
United States

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Reviews: 2         Views: 1660 Rating: 3
amazing groomers and excellent customer service!!!
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I am very upset that after taking my lovable, large, Golden Retriever, to this groomer, they cut him badly behind his ears, and didn't even mention it to me. My son found it this morning behind his ear, and and he did have a matt there that was removed, but he was cut in 2 places so badly that there are two very large scabs that have developed. Thinking that I would at least receive an apology, rather, I received a woman who began to tell me that "if" it happened, it was probably irritation from the blade. No apology until I told her I would share my experience online. She did not take responsibility, nor was kind, or understanding. My heart aches for my dog, who was cut badly, and no one said anything. I read another review saying that they put Neosporin and something else to stop the bleeding, and don't tell people. My dog is easily scared, and didn't want to stay there when I left him. Now I know why. I would not take my animal here if they are not honest about things.
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