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Services we Provide:
Therapy Dogs, Training

Address / Location(s):

939 Radnor Rd.
WAYNE, Pennsylvania, 19087
(610) 687-1101
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

It Ain't Easy Being Famous

My dog is a rock star at the University vet hospital. It all started with a patella surgery. During his recovery, my dog developed seizures, which destroyed the surgery. After the seizures were controlled, a second patella surgery repaired the damage. Months of inactivity on that leg caused severe muscle atrophy, so then he went in for physical therapy, starting with twice a week, and slowly over a period of months, working our way down to once every two weeks. And just now he's recovering from ACL surgery on his "good" leg. So, where's the status? When we walked into the University vet hospital this time, the receptionists checked us before we reached the c [...]
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