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Contact Person: Robin Pool BS CABC

This company has not put in a description of their services. If this is you, please update your listing by adding a description of your services and products.

Services we Provide:
Therapy Dogs, Training

Address / Location(s):

P.O Box 1008
DERBY, Kansas, 67037
(316) 789-9196
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

The Mask

Soon after we brought our second cat, Henry, into the house, I decided to take a bath. After weeks of cat drama, I felt I had earned it. I ran a hot bath with my favorite bath salts, lit candles, got my book ready. I tucked my hair into a shower cap and put a cleansing mask on my face. I sank into the warm, scented water and began reading. I also left the bathroom door open. Now Henry had been a stray for some time, perhaps all his life. While he knew the sound of an opening can and the joy of a clean litter pan, things like television and vacuum cleaners astounded him, as did toilets: as soon as he trotted into the bathroom he made a beeline for it, raising himself up to carefully inspect the [...]
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