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Contact Person: PAUL D NELSON

Veterinary Services, Specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

41 W 168TH ST
SOUTH HOLLAND, Illinois, 60473
(708) 333 2444
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

Every New Kitten

By the time Temeraire came along, he was our ninth cat, although since we'd lost two by then, we were still a seven-cat household. Temeraire, which incidentally means "fearless" in French, was only about eight weeks old, and it was great fun to experience that all-too-short kitten stage again, especially since every new kitten comes with a surprise. By this point in our career as "crazy cat people," we thought our house was pretty well cat-proofed. For instance, Casey used to chew window shade cords, so we'd tied them all up out of reach. Precious used to eat flowers, so there are no plants inside the house. RaeAnn [...]
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