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Contact Person: Rika Otsuka

Grooming services, pet and animal specialties

Services we Provide:
Grooming, Spas

Address / Location(s):

7889 University Ave.
La Mesa, California, 91942
(619) 303 4324
United States

Website: http://www.star-dogsgrooming.com

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog


When the kids moved to another country for a few years, we got the grandcats. The older one was about as cuddly as cats get, but the younger one--just a yearling--was only six months from being a semi-feral farm cat. She was reasonably social, but the "in the same room" or "at the foot of the bed" kind of social, and she tended to object to handling by using her teeth rather than her voice. Abducted from their homes and subjected to a 14 hour car [...]
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