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Services we Provide:
Pet Sitters

Address / Location(s):

33387 Lazy Dazy Ln
OCEAN VIEW, Delaware, 19970
(302) 539 3559
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog


For nearly two years we had coaxed our little gray stray, Frodo, into a kind of wary relationship: he showed up morning and night for food, and would allow us to pet him on the porch. When we would try to bring him in the house, however, he always ran away. At last, one cold winter night he darted into the house of his own accord, surprising both us and himself; we seized our chance and quickly herded him into the basement… and began eight weeks of the most difficult cat socializing I have ever attempted. We gave him the basement and rec room as his territory. We fed Frodo and our cats on either side of the door; we swapped towels and blankets; we swapped the cats themselves so Frodo could explore and they could further get used to each other. Yet not once could Frodo completely relax, and our cats remained tense in turn. If he wasn’t cringing he was aggressively demanding attention and food, or clawing at the door to get out. He would sleep all day in a dark corner of the basement, then yowl all night. He was twelve pounds of pure muscle and quick to bite, so wrangling him swiftly became a c [...]
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