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Contact Person: WENDY FEAGA

Veterinarian, animal specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

ELLICOTT CITY, Maryland, 21042
(410) 531 6330
United States

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Reviews: 5         Views: 1697 Rating: 5
Dr. Feaga and staff are wonderful. I drive an hour since moving to continue receiving pet care from them.
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Dr. Feaga is a caring and experienced veterinarian. I have taken all my pets to her for over 20 years. She takes the time to explain treatment and procedures. She has done a number of surgeries on my dogs. I highly recommend Dr. Feaga.
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Best vet I have ever taken my pets to. Unfortunatly we moved and it became to far to take our animals. No other vet I have taken my pets to have given them the quality of care and explained what is or is not needed and why with the detail she gives. She cares for the pet as well as the owner.
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Dr. Feaga is an excellent veterinarian. She always takes the time to explain her diagnoses and why she choses the course of treatment that she does. She is reliable, rational, reasonable, and down to earth. She is the first veterinarian I have found, since being a child, that I respect as much as I did my vet from years past. I am particular about the practitioner who treats my animals, & I would & have, highly recommend Dr. Feaga.
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Very good vet. Professional, reasonable prices,
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