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Tru Line Retriever Kennel
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889 Ankeny Hill Rd SE
JEFFERSON, Oregon, 97352
(503) 370 7440
United States

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Precious Pet Moments – Our Blog

I Can't Shake It!

My black cat, Tweety, jumps to the top of the cat tree—on the second try. There he sits, front legs straight, ears up, proud and noble. Then he sees... it. Something dark twitching out of the corner of his eye. He tenses. Not one to be intimidated, he doesn't run from this new threat. He watches it from the corner of his eye and waits for the best moment to strike. Twitch. Twitch. Twitch. He pounces, both paws out—Got you, fiend! But at the last moment, the clever little shadow slips away from his claws and waves tantalizingly. Never one to give up, Tweety atta [...]
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