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Veterinarian, animal specialties

Services we Provide:
Veterinary Services

Address / Location(s):

ALABASTER, Alabama, 35007
(205) 621 5755
United States

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Reviews: 2         Views: 2546 Rating: 5
I use both the Weatherly and Southlake clinics depending on where my day takes me. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at both locations. The staff always know my pets by name and always have time to explain everything to me concerning my pets care. I'm a pet Mom of two cats, one of whom is diabetic and has been for 4 years now - thanks to great care he is doing wonderful. I also have two dogs and one of them suffers from allergies - he gets lots of love and care at the clinic plus they call on a regular basis just to check and see that he is doing ok. Last year, we had to put our 15 year old dog down, the compassion and care we received at the Southlake clinic made our experience so much easier. Our pets will be patients of the Weatherly & Southlake clinics for life. From Syrius, Evie, Kovu, Mika, Lori & Bart - Thank You !!!!
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The Swim in their Soul

Boxers aren't generally thought of as "water dogs," and with good reason. Most of them don't like to get their feet wet, let alone do something as immersive as swim in the wet stuff. That was our first boxer to a T: no water, no way. But our girl Luna was different. She adored swimming. A stocky boxer, Luna wasn't an elegant swimmer, looking more like a chugging tug than a sleek cigarette boat, but she had both stamina and pure enjoyment on her side. When I threw the ball, sometimes she'd swim to it and then swim around it a time or three, then keep swimming out and away from shore. Eventually she'd circle back, grab the ball, and return to the beach. She just [...]
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