Best Dog ID Tags For Your Furry Friend

The ID tag is important for any pet. They can help to give the only information to anyone who finds your lost pet. Especially, these tags are cheap and popular widely. In fact, there is a lot of choices when it comes to dog ID tags. In this post, we will provide you with our list of the best pet ID tags. Let’s check out to get more.

Dog Identification Tags

They are fixed to the dog’s collar to clearly identify the owner. These tags are metal. They normally are engraved with the owner’s contact info. They’re used for helping the lost pets to return their owners.

The Importance of Pet Tags

Some people usually go hiking with their dog. With a pet ID tag, you can keep your dog from going missing. Also, the pet tags have the purpose of keeping your pet safe. Thanks to it, anyone who finds your lost dog can takeR him to you. There is some essential information need to be kept in your dog’s tags.

Your Name and Adress

If you let your dog be in a public place, it’s essential to wear him an ID tag with his owner’s name as well as the address on it. If not, you may have to cost much money for this. In the tag, you also need to show your surname and your house number engraved. It’s best to choose a tag made of stainless or brass. They offer engraving on both sides. SO, they can work perfectly for your purpose. Remember to update your dog’s ID tag once you change your home’s address. It’s also essential to update new info in his tag for any change of contact details.

Contact Info is Key

It’s great to include a phone number on your dog’s tag so that anyone can contact you once they find your missing pet. If you want, you can also include a family member, a trusted friend, or your local vet on the tag. These information should be updated in case you move.

Extra option

Many owners want to show info about a medical ailment on their dog’s tag such as Epileptic or Diabetic. This is also a perfect idea. Anyone who finds your dog will have specific needs like addressing urgently and protecting your pet from getting ill.

Do you need ID tags if your dog is micro-chipped?

There are many dogs implanted with micro-chip. It’s in the scruff of their necks. But, it’s not an alternative of dog identifications. In fact, it’s just considered as a backup when your dog’s tag falls off. Many owners can’t read micro-chip identifications. With an id tag, your dog can be returned directly by the finder. It’s still a great idea to get a microchip because it’s the same as a non-removable form of id tags. The fact is that only the registered owner can be capable of changing the details. So, it’s safe for your dog when getting lost or losing his tags and collars.

Types of Dog Tags

There are many types of dog tags. Each of them comes with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Metal Dog Tags

These tags include commonly brass, aluminium, and stainless steel dog tags. In which, the most durable one is the stainless steel dog tag. Plus, these tags can be able to fare well in water, unlike the brass counterparts. If you want a cheap tag, consider choosing aluminium dog tags. They are available in many colours.

Plastic Dog Tags

Some owners want to get a plastic pet ID tag so that they can easily decorate them. Some of these tags allow you to add a photo to. But, these dog tags are less durable than other types.

Fancy Dog Tags

Some pet owners want to adore their dog with bling pet ID tag. These tags come with crystals, rhinestones, and other sparkly rocks. They can have more details added because of laser engraving.

Choose a size for your Dog tag

Dog tags you choose should not bother your dog. That’s why you need to pay attention to choose the size for pet tags. It’s best to choose small tags for puppies and bigger ones for large dogs. We recommend you to choose a tag at 1 inch in width for a small dog. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable size, ask shoppers for considerations.

Choose An Inscription

The most important step is engraving your dog’s information. Many people want to get a double-sided tag. One side is used to display their pet’s name. Another side is used to displaying the owner’s information. These info include the owner’s name and phone number.

Best Dog ID tags

Nowadays, there is a lot of ID tags on the market. So, it’s not simple to decide the best one for your dog. They are available in many different shapes, styles, as well as materials. So, how to choose the right one for your dog?

First, it’s important to look at the material. Then, think about the style of the ID tag. Here is our list of the best Dog ID tags on the market today. Read carefully their review first. Then, you can consider buying one of them.

Dynotag QR Code SmartPet Tag

The Dynotag is popular for their travel tags. Their tags are great for both cats and dogs. You just need to enter the QR code with a phone and the address to any browser. Then, the location of the device will be on a private page. You will get an email. Your information also can be viewable that helps you can easily find your dog when he gets lost. This can be able to work anywhere with internet without internal electronics. This ID tag costs $16.95. The tag is available in black color. It’s made of steel with quieting protective coating.

GoTags Slide-On Pet ID Tags

These tags eliminate the noise of hang tag style choices. Also, these products are secure. Your dog’s details will be shown at a distance. Actually, these ID tags just work on simple collars with a buckle. There are 4 maximum lines of text engraved. In fact, each tag is suitable for a specific sized collar width. This ID tag is at $8.95 price. It’s available in silver color. It’s made of stainless steel.

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

The fact is that a buckle-style collar may not work in many cases. For instance, your dog needs a quick-release mechanism if he goes to daycare. In this situation, you need something like these stainless steel ID tags. These tags come with 4 lines of text on each side, including important information such as your pet name, your phone number, as well as your home address. There are many different shapes available as bone, flower, bow tie, house, heart, rectangle, badge, star, and round. It’s available in silver. It’s made of stainless steel.

Providence Engraving Aluminium Pet ID Tags

This unit is made for owners who are looking for ones to save a couple of bucks. It’s actually not a durable unit. This tag is made of anodized aluminium. They are lightweight tags. They are available in many shapes as bone, heart, round, paw, star, hydrant, and paw. In addition, they come in many available colours, including blue, pink, red, gold, green, black, silver, and orange. There are 4 lines of text on each side with up to 19 character per line.

Performace IDs Silicone Slide-On Pet ID Tag

These tags are perfects for those with a bit of trouble sliding on the above rigid metal tags. With this tag, you can easily bend as well as flex. Furthermore, this tag is also easy to remove to clean. They are available in the rectangle shape. There are main colours, including blue, pink, red, and black. It’s made of silicone and aluminium. There are 4 lines of text with up to 20 characters per line.

PINMEI Scannable QR Code Pet ID Tag

This QR code based choice is a bit nicer than another QR mentioned above. It comes with the paw design over a colored background. It can line your dog’s custom page with essential contacts as well as all health information. Like the Dynotag QR Code SmartPet Tag, this tag comes with 24-hour hotline to reunite you with lost pets.  It’s in the round shape. It is an affordable choice at $9.99. There are 4 main colors: blue, black, red, and pink. It’s made of Zinc alloy. There is no line of text. Instead, it provides an extensive online profile.

GoTags Swarovski Crystal Pet ID Tags

The charm of this tag comes down to one thing. It adds bling to your life. This product is great for your dog if he needs sparkle for his ID tag. It sets your pet apart at the park. The tag is available in three shapes: heart, bone, and round. It comes in many different colours like purple, blue, pink, red, black, and silver. The tag’s made of stainless steel. It just includes 1 line of text on the front for your dog’s name and 4 lines on the back.

CNATTAGS Stainless Steel with Enamel Round Pet ID Tags

These tags come in bright colors. It has a fun symbol-style design. There are 8 choices of color for you, including black, blue, orange, green, hot pink, light pink, red background, purple. And, there are 13 choices of design: daisy, paw, heart, bowl, bone, cat, fish, private cat, private dog, dog, skull, mouse, and crown. The tag’s made of stainless steel. Like others mentioned, it also comes with 4 lines of text with 20 characters per line. It’s cost $4.95.

The Copper Poppy Pet ID Tags

This option is perfect for those who want something a little more refined and custom. It’s available in 3 shapes: round, square, and rectangle. It comes in silver color. This tag is made from brass, aluminium, bronze, and copper. It offers 4 lines of text.

When to Replace Your Dog’s ID Tag and collar

It’s a great idea to have a pet ID. Indeed, some collars and ID tags can help to last the life of your dog. But, they also need to be replaced when needed. Here are some reasons you should know.

Outdated information

You need to change your dog’s ID tag when changing your phone number recently. Also, replace the ID tag when you have changed your home address. Make sure all information on the ID tag are correct as well as up to date.

Cant’s read ID tag

You know the id tag aims to help others read it actually. So, if it comes with a lot of scratches because of others rubbing against, you need to consider replacing it. Moreover importantly, don’t forget to wipe it clean regularly.

Collar is damaged

That the collar fray or rip depends on its material. If it starts to rip or fray, consider replacing it in order to prevent it from falling off.

Separate collars

It’s not a good idea to use a training collar or a harness one for walking in a place where your furry friend is the everyday collar.

Backup collar/ tags

If your dog loves the water, it’s best to give him a backup collar. That allows your dog to wear a clean and dry collar. Of course, you may want to give him a spare tag for getting lost or damaged. A collar or tag is a great way to show someone owns your dog. Luckily, it’s cheap to replace a tag/ collar.


As a dog owner, keeping your pet safe is the most important duty. In order to increase the chances of recovering your pet if he gets lost, you should carry out the suitable registration process. It’s essential to get the dog micro-chipped and wear your dog an id tag of his collar. Hopefully, our reviews of the best dog id tags above are helpful for you. Then, you can easily choose the appropriate id tag for your furry friend.

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