Best Leash for Hiking with Dog

It’s a great ideal to see your dog enjoys himself in the natural environment. But, you sometimes need to control him. That’s why we are here to give you the list of best leash for hiking with your dog. They will help you when you’re looking for the compact, lightweight, and durable designs. Hiking is a good way any pet owner should consider to spend any day of the week. More importantly, you need to ask your vet about the suitable distances for your pet. In this article, we will recommend you the top 10 best products for hiking you should choose.

Types of Dog Leash for Hiking

Today, there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to best leash for hiking with dog.

Standard Dog Leash

Actually, this type offers 6 feet long. They come with a comfortable handle as well as strong clip attachment. They are made of nylon or leather.

Training Leash

These products are made of tough nylon webbing. They can long from 3-30 meters.

Slip Leash

For this type, you sometimes need to teach your pet not to pull with some well-timed commands as well as tugs.


It’s best to choose the solid webbed kind for hiking. At the same time, avoid the thin cordage kind. This purposes to avoid getting some serious rope burn due to lacking of control once the cord grabbed.

Elasticated Leash

These leashes are considered to be lack of control. In fact, your pet needs to be fairly well mannered.

Hands-free Leash

These units are great choices for joggers. Also, they are good for hiking. Carefully use it for big dogs.

Choose the Best Dog Leash for Hiking

If you need a leash for trails with other dogs/ people/ farm stock/ wildlife, it’s best to choose a standard 6- foot long leash. They ensure to give you a lot of hand control.

Training leashes: They are great choices for camping and hiking. In fact, your dog can be free to roam at camp under these leashes. But, these leashes are bulky. That’s why it’s easy to get tangled on hikes.

Slip Leashes: Although these leashes may be harsh, they are great for training. They are considered as an effective training tool. They are perfect for dogs who don’t want to wear a collar.

Flexi-leash: They don’t give you hardly any control. They are ideal for well-behaved dogs.

Elasticated Leash: If you are looking for a comfortable leash, consider choosing elasticated leashes. They ensure to give both you and your dog the comfort. In fact, they can be able to reduce getting the. risk of jolting one another.

Hands-Free leashes: they are good options for small dogs as well as well-trained medium size ones. However, they are not recommended highly for hiking adventures.

Tips for Hiking with Older Dogs

It’s an enjoyable experience when hiking with your dog. Older dogs can slow down. They can’t be able to run like younger dogs. But, don’t worry about it! We have more than a few ways to still go hiking with your older dog.

Sticking to your dog’s pace: It doesn’t mean you have to stop for 5 minutes to investigate the rabbit warren. You needn’t get frustrated when your dog can’t go as fast as in the past.

Don’t hike in the full heat of the day: It’s essential to check with your vet to determine if your dog can regulate his heat very well, especially before bigger walks.

Plan hikes with lots of water sources: Make sure you always prepare plenty of water at hand. This purposes to cool down in order to stay hydrated. Moreover, the cold water can be able to help decrease stiffness after the walk.

Instead of big hikes by shorter loops: In order to make excellent routes for your older pet, you should circle a lake. By this way, you can avoid steep gradients.

Allow for plenty of recovery time: Your dog needs to catch its breath back. Also, you need to allow him to recover after a long hike. For this, your older dog may take a few days.

Check for ticks when getting home: The fact is that dog of all ages can get the risk of having ticks. So, it’s important to check your dog’s paws and ears.

Lists of 10 Best Dog Leashes for Hiking

1. RuffWear Dog Leashes for Hiking

This is a 5 –foot long leash. It’s a tough and secure leash. Because the leash is inspired climbers, it’s ideal for dogs of all sizes from medium to XXL. The leash allows you to keep your dog safe without worry of escape. This product is perfect for both hiking with your dog and walking full stop every day.

2. RuffWear Ridgeline Leash

It’s a 2.5- 4.25-foot long leash. If you want a lightweight dog leash for hiking, we recommend you to buy the RuffWear Ridgeline leash. It ensures to keep your pet at heel while hiking. It can help to absorb shock. Plus, it’s easy to keep it in your pocket.

3. Mendota Slip Lead

The leash weighs 180g. It’s a 6-foot long leash. This unit is made for dogs who don’t like to wear a collar. You can use it for training purposes. Also, it’s a good choice for hiking. Plus, the leash is comfortable to use. It’s made from waterproof polypropylene rope and oil tanned leather.

4. Flexi Giant Tape Leash

The Flexi Giant Tape Leash weighs 436g. It is longer than the others mentioned above. In fact, this is a 26-foot long leash. It’s made from nylon webbing and tough plastic housing. This product is available in 4 different sizes, so it’s suitable for various breeds and weights of dogs. Also, it promises to give your dog lots of freedom. Then, he can roam comfortably. And, you needn’t pick up slack line. Because of its webbed tape, it’s easy to use. At the same time, it provides you better control.

5. Primal Pet Gear 2 Handle Leash

The Primal Pet Gear 2 Handle Leash weighs 181g. It’s just a 1-8-foot long leash. It’s made of nylon. It can give more control than other leashes on our list today. With the leash, you can go from casual walking to close control. In addition, it comes with the double handle design, so you needn’t worry about your dog’s behaviour.

6. RuffWear Slackline Leash

It weights 360g. Its length is from 3.5 to 6 feet. This leash allows you to adjust the length to wear around your waist hands. That’s why it’s ideal for going from relaxed walks. Plus, it comes with the padded handle as well as the adjustable clip. SO, you can tie your pet to a post whenever you want.

7. Flexi Vario Tape Leash

The Flexi Vario Tape Leash weighs 455g. Its length is 16 feet. Its material includes nylon webbing and tough plastic housing. It’s compact and customizable. You can easily put on the brakes due to its intuitive design. Furthermore, this product offers some add-ons, including soft stop extension, LED side light, poo bag, and led flashing extension. Actually, it’s very reliable as well as trail tested.

8. Chai’s Choice Reflective Adventure Leash

It weighs 180g and has the length of 6.5 feet. So, it’s lightweight, bright, and comfortable leash for dogs as well as pet owners. It’s available in the dark and bright orange colour. It comes with the webbed mesh, so it’s fast to dry it once it gets wet. This leash comes in 5 different sizes as well as 5 available colours.

9. Mexvell Leash with Unbreakable Carabiner

It comes with an unbreakable carabiner. That’s why it ensures to be attached to your dog’s collar until you move it off. Moreover, it’s ideal for heavy-duty use thanks to the tough woven nylon.

10. Leash Boss Long Trainer Leash

It’s a tough and durable dog leash for hiking. It ensures to give your dog plenty of freedom. Also, you can get lots of handler control. This is a perfect choice for training hikes. For example, you can choose it for teaching your new dog the rules. It weighs 250g, and it’s about 15-foot long.

Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

There are some important things you need to consider before heading out on the trail with your pet. They help to ensure a safe and joyful trek.

Determine how the hike is strenuous

All factors you need consider include your dog’s stature, age, and fitness level. Then, you can determine if your dog can go on a trail with you. Also, it helps to choose the suitable type of trail. If he is at the right age and build, it’s time to consider the fitness level. Note that the length of the trail has to be same as the length of your daily walks. In addition, don’t forget to consider the weather.

Your dog is socialized or non-reactive

Of course, you will meet other people, dogs, as well as cyclists on the trail. Even, you can also meet horses. So, it may be difficult to pass others because of narrow trails if your dog is fearful, nervous, and leash reactive. Then, it’s essential to find quieter and less popular trails for your dog instead of busy public trails. Just by this way, you can help your dog pass other triggers on the trails.

When your dog is on vaccines, tick and flea prevention

Once you intend to run into on the trail, make sure your dog get any appropriate vaccinations. Keep in mind tick, flea, as well as heartworm medication is really important for heading out on trails.

Determine if your dog is licensed and microchipped

If any incidences on the trails, it’s essential to get a current license. We recommend you to have the dog microchipped. This is a great way. It can help to get your dog home to you once he loses the ID tags and collar.

Smart rules and safety guidelines

As a pet owner, you should be always on your best behaviour. By this way, you can keep your dog safe and happy.

Keep control of your dog

Your dog needs to be on a leash. With a leash, you can prevent a plethora of potential problems. That means you can protect your dog from chasing wildlife. It’s best to choose a leash made of simple nylon or leather. You can consider leashes we’ve listed above. They are perfect for hiking with your dog.

Don’t bother wildlife or plant life

It’s easy to do this. The thing you need to do is keeping your dog on a leash. More importantly, don’t panic your dog. Instead, become a respectful guest. It’s important to be on trails in order to avoid threatening plant life. Moreover, you can also prevent erosion in this way.

Don’t let your dog drink from areas of standing water

In fact, your dog may get parasites and bacteria from standing water. Then, he may get sick, even fatally so. That’s why you need to always prepare enough fresh water so that you can keep your pet hydrated. It’s essential to hydrate your dog every half hour.

Take breaks for water and snacks

The common problems for dogs when hiking are dehydration and overheating. If you see your dog is slowing down, it’s time to take him breaks. Don’t forget to bring snacks and treats for your dog. Indeed, your dog also needs extra fuel for hiking trips.

Leave no trace

For this rule, you need to pack out all trash. At the same time, leave nothing but footprints. It’s important to remove all dog waste. This step purposes to avoid signs your dog was on the trail.

Finding a trail

The last thing to pay attention to is finding the best trail. Now, there are many websites you can consult to narrow down your search. It’s great to look for trails your dog can feel comfortable when hiking. You can consider some websites like, Hike with Your Dog, and DogTrekker.

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